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japanese breadcrumbs

Panko are bread crumbs used with batter to make deep-fried fritters. Fresh panko make the fritters lighter and softer than dried panko, as they contain more moisture which evaporates and forms smaller air holes when the panko are keep-fried. Lightly moistening dried panko just before cooking makes it more like fresh panko and should be applied evenly to the surface of the meat or fish being fried. To ensure freshness, dried panko should be stored in a cool, dry place.


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light mix for deep frying

Made from wheat flour, baking powder, powdered egg and other ingredients, tempura batter is used to produce the wonderfully crispy Japanese fritters. Since it is difficult to make perfect tempura, it is better to use a premix. Many ingredients can be deep fried in this batter, such as prawns, aubergine and shiitake mushrooms, to name a few. Tempura batter mix simply needs the addition of water to make a perfect light and crispy batter for any cuisine.Tempura batter mix from Nihon Shokken, Nisshin, Showa, Nippn, Yutaka and more.

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Other mixes

There are various mixes and flours used in Japanese cuisine, such as okonomiyaki mixes, potato starch and karaage batter mixes to name a few.

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