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shoga & gari

Shoga or benishoga is one of the most popular types of pickled ginger in Japan. Easily recognisable due to its bright red colour which it gets from the red perilla leaf. It is commonly added to dishes such as okonomiyaki, yakisoba and gyudon.

Gari is thin slivers of ginger root which is pickled in plum vinegar giving it a slightly sweet taste and a pink colour. It is commonly eaten with sushi and is often refered to as sushi ginger.

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shiitake & nameko

Shiitake mushrooms are Japan's most well known. Packed full of flavour, with a slightly chewy texture is thought to have many health benifits as it is full of vitamin B and vitamin D.

Nameko are smaller than shiitake and amber-coloured. It grows in clusters and it has a slippery covering of natural gelatin. It has an earthy, woody flavour and a pleasent silky texture. Nameko are rich in vitamins.

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other pickles


Tsukemono translates to 'pickled objects/things' and in Japan there are an impressive range of pickles to sample, such as Takuan or gourd. Eaten as a side dish or as an accompaniment to sake or beer, Japan has it covered.

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