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Wasabi & Spices


Japanese horse raddish

Wasabi is a root plant with a pleasant aroma and a sharp, fiery flavour. In the early 17th century, it became a popular accompaniment to sushi, promoting the spread of its cultivation. Wasabi is available fresh, and can be grated like horseradish, as apaste or in powder form. It is also mixed with soy sauce and used as a condiment with sashimi and sushi. When used for seasoning, wasabi stimulates the appetite and is also known to prevent food poisoning.

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Chilli spice with a twist from the east

Unique to Japan and China, sansho is unrelated to black pepper or chilli pepper. It has a strong aroma, subtle lemony overtones and creates a pleasant tingling sensation in the mouth. Sansho is widely-used to add a mild spiciness and rich fragrance to noodle dishes and grilled eel. The buds, flowers and seeds of sancho are all used to flavour cooking. The leaves of the sansho plant, known as kinome, are used in spring to add flavour to bamboo shoots and soups. 

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other spices & seasonings

seasoning for rice, stocks and more

As rice is a staple in the Asian diet and is slightly bland when eaten plain, the Japanese package and sell a variety of rice seasonings known as furikake. Furikake can add subtle or powerful flavours to your rice depending on the spices contained. They are really simple to use, just add over cooked rice and mix.

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